Interview with Forsakken

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" Elements of Emptiness " - MP3/CD

Review:  "Elements of Emptiness is quite unique." The style seems to have a nu metal/melodic metal quality to it with female fronted vocals. I am not sure who i can compare the vocals to being that her voice is unique. She has a little bit of a growl to her voice but not like bands such as Arch Enemy. The music is relatively dark, especially the song "Half of Me" which is personally one of my favorites by the band. It is a very good album to jam out too and I would recommend it for people who like deeper sounding heavy music with good melodies.

" Core " - CD

Core is the sophomore effort of A.D.D. They continued with their groove metal/melodic metal sound with 10 great songs to offer us. “I regret” starts off the album with some double bass. The rest of the album is full of catchy melodies and hard hitting rhythms. 2 of the songs “Was My Life” and “So Much (So Little) are excellent ballads sung by a male vocalist. If you like their first album, “Elements of Emptiness” you will probably enjoy “Core” too. 

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