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BIO (Take from Blind Revision's Facebook Page):

"Blind Revision is an alternative rock band whose music features catchy pop hooks alongside post-hardcore breakdowns and shred-filled guitar passages. The band has also shared the stage with national acts such as Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Hawthorne Heights and Revocation.

In May 2017, the band released their second EP Of White And Grey, a concept album exploring inner demons and the human brain. The EP received exceptional reviews, including articles published in Lemonade Magazine, Dark City Interviews, Original Rock, and Northeast Rock Review. Blind Revision was also featured in Sopor Magazine's July 2017 issue. 

In April 2017, Blind Revision was nominated for two Worcester Music Awards: best rock act and best hardcore act. 

Back in August 2015, Blind Revision released their debut EP, Fight or Flight. Songs from the EP are in regular rotation on 94.1 HJY, Providence's rock radio station. 

Jen Janet (vocals/keys) has also been interviewed by and Celeb Mix. She is a published model and frequently does runway modeling for designers.

Band Members:

Jen Janet - Keys and Vocals 
Kirk Scully - Guitar 
Jamie Steele - Drums 
Jake Bedard - Guitar and Vocals 
Phillip Clougher - Bass

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N. A. Foy: How old were you when you decided to pursue a career in music, and were there any particular musicians or singers that inspired you?

Jen: All of us actually started playing music at very different times. For example, Jamie began playing drums a few months before his senior year of high school, and after playing onstage, he realized it was something that made him happy. Kirk also started playing music in high school. Claudio Sanchez of Coheed and Cambria is one of his biggest influences for songwriting.

For me, I’ve been singing and performing in front of people since I was four years old, so it’s something that has always been a part of me. I have a lot of hobbies and interests but music is probably the one thing that just feels completely natural, almost like an instinct. I think I’ve always known that I wanted to pursue music, but I’ve had on-and-off phases where I would get discouraged. Lynn Gunn of Pvris inspires me because she is also from Massachusetts, like me. And I feel like her story of gaining success was somewhat similar to what I am trying to do. There are tons of others who inspire me to think not only about the music, but about my message. Some of them are Lady Gaga, Marilyn Manson, etc. Vocally I think Amy Lee of Evanescence is fantastic, and I will listen to her voice any day.

N. A. Foy: Do you have any plans to work on new material in the near future?

Jen: Yes, we actually started writing new material a few weeks ago. So far, we have a few ideas and we want to continue with the idea of a concept album. We won’t be finished for a while, but we really like the direction of the music so far.

N. A. Foy: Do you have plans to release a video?

Jen: Yes! We don’t have official shooting dates but the plans for it are in the works. We want to do a video that is exciting visually and tells a story.

N. A. Foy: How would you describe the sound on your new EP “Of White and Grey”?

Jen: “Of White And Grey” is a bit darker than our EP “Fight or Flight.” I think it really showcases who we are as musicians and the idea that we like to take genres and blend them together. There are a lot of progressive rock, metal, and post hardcore influences in the EP. Each song is different, and we are very proud of that. I really don’t think any of them sound the same.

N. A. Foy: How did the band originally meet and come together?

Jen: Originally, our members Jen, Phil and Kirk met at college on a Facebook group for student musicians. They decided to meet up in one of the music practice rooms there, and the rest is history. Jamie our drummer went to high school with Kirk. Our other guitarist Jake was referred to us by a friend in the Rhode Island music scene, and he fit right in. We were really happy to have Jake as an addition to the band, and I think all of us are more creative when we are together.

N. A. Foy: If you had only a few minutes in an elevator to describe your band, what would you say?

Jen: If Evanescence and Coheed and Cambria had a baby, that would be us.

N. A. Foy: What are some things you like to do for enjoyment when you are not doing music?

Phil: Lifting. If I'm not at work, chances are I'm at the gym. I love pushing myself and tracking progress. I enjoy the entire process of eating clean, and tracking macronutrients, too. It's like a puzzle of food, or an equation that I have to solve at the end of every day.

Jen: I go the gym a few times a week but I’m also hella nerdy. I love sci-fi, horror and superhero movies. I also binge watched the whole first season of Stranger Things in one day. I take that seriously.

Jake: Outside of the band, I spend most of my time working on my music theory chops through online lectures. Outside of music, I'm really into anime/manga and old-school video games because I'm a weeb degenerate.

Jamie: When I’m not injuring myself at the gym, I rather enjoy going.  Apart from that, I listen to a lot of metal and think about drums 24/7.  I’m pretty obsessive about trying to perfect my drum tuning abilities and enjoy exploring different avenues of sound with my kit.  Besides the occasional video game and bar crawl I’m somewhat reclusive.

Kirk: Gaming, working, sleeping, songwriting.

N. A. Foy: If you were stuck on an island and somehow were able to listen to music, what 3 CDs would you want with you?

Phil: Periphery III: Select Difficulty, “A Tale of Love and Evil” by The Quins, and “Awaken, My Love!” by Childish Gambino. Within the last year, these albums have left such distinctive impacts on me I can't imagine not listening to them.

Jen: Lately I’ve been binging Hans Zimmer. I’m not sure which album I would choose. Hopefully I’d be able to make a mix of his “greatest hits” from scoring Hollywood movies. I think he is one of the most talented musicians of our time in terms of being a good songwriter who evokes the right emotions. I also love that he is diverse with his songwriting. Some of his songs have more electronic influences and some have more rock and roll influences.

Jake: “Chet Baker Sings” by Chet Baker, “Quiet World” by Native Construct, and “Cooking with Pagans” by Freak Kitchen. These are some of my favorites and cover a pretty wide range of what I enjoy listening to.

Jamie: Tough one.  At the moment with what I’ve listened to so far in my music career, I’d have to take Periphery’s self-titled debut, TesseracT’s “Altered State”, and then Plini’s “Handmade Cities.”  There’s easily 5 others who could have made that list, however.

Kirk: “In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth” by Coheed and Cambria, “On Letting Go” by Circa Survive, and “Of White and Grey.” I write music for myself and love listening to what we have created.

N. A. Foy: Out of the lyrics you perform so far, is there a particular one that you like best? Is there a story behind it?

Phil: I feel as though “Parietal: Pressure” resonates the most with me.

Jen: As the person who wrote the lyrics, this is such a difficult question! I think I am most proud of the lyrics in “Occipital: Covenant” because there is a ton of symbolism and a play on words within the song. I think “Ashes” is the most fun to sing onstage though, because the lyrics are quite dark, and I can let that part of me out on stage.

Jake: I'd have to say I connect the most to “Occipital: Covenant,” but I love the wordplay in “Frontal: Seeker.”

Jamie: I find myself singing the lyrics to “Covenant” most often because I find them not only very catchy, but interesting in the story of the album considering it’s a person approaching a final downward spiral - their world going towards an end, but not quite there yet and experiencing the journey.

Kirk: “Pressure and Seeker” gets me hyped, but let’s not forget how great of a song “Colors” is!

N. A. Foy: Us fans always like to know things about the band members. How about some favorites. What is your favorite color? Number? Foods? Movie(s)? Book(s)? Or any other favorites you want to mention?

Phil: My favourite color is grey. Not only is it soothing, but it makes other colors stand out even more, and allows them to shine. My favorite number is tricky, I like 315, 12, and 743 a lot. When I think of numbers, I associate colors with them, and I like these combinations the best.

Jen: My favorite color is dark red. I don’t have a favorite number. I love SO many movies, but my favorites are “V For Vendetta,” and pretty much anything Batman. My favorite shows are “American Horror Story,” “Orphan Black,” and “How to get away with Murder.” I have too many favorite books to mention here! Pizza is bae.

Jake: My favorite colors are black and green, preferably in a palette together with grey. Food-wise I'd have to say any kind of bread-wrapped meat, such as burgers or burritos. I don't really have a favorite movie, but my favorite series would have to be “Bojack Horseman.” In terms of books, I love pretty much anything by Kurt Vonnegut but my favorite is “The Music Lesson” by Victor Wooten.

Jamie: Favorite color is burgundy, favorite number is 17, I really like burritos, French onion soup, Caesar salad, and pasta of really any sort, not much of a movie person anymore, and although I don’t read very much nowadays I recently picked up Randy Blythe’s recent memoir recounting his time when he was wrongly incarcerated in the Czech Republic for the death of a fan at a Lamb of God show.  I was getting so engrossed in it I ended up reading the whole 400-page book in a few days while on vacation in Canada.

Kirk: Food is good, colors are sweet, movies are awesome, books are great, numbers are a thing!

N. A. Foy: What is the message that you want to give your fans as an example as a band? Is there anything else you’d like to add before we finish?

Phil: Write and play the music you enjoy with people you love, and have fun playing it. If you have that, you are ahead of the game.

Jen: Be kind to one another. It’s ok to be different. Everybody has issues. You are not alone. I think that encompasses most of the lyrics I write. I want everyone to understand that there are dark parts of everyone, and it’s ok. A lot of people gravitate toward metal or alternative music because they recognize they have a dark part of them, or at least a love of all things “different.” That’s not necessarily always bad. As long as you treat everyone with respect, you like what you like. And that’s ok.

Jake: I believe I'm appropriating this from an Eric Clapton quote, but every time you pick up your instrument, play it like it's your last time. If your instrument is the piano and you’re picking it up, then it will probably be your last time anyways because pianos are heavy.

Jamie: Don’t write for a crowd.  Write for yourself and you’ll end up bringing better people closer to you.

Kirk: Be yourself and don’t change for anybody.