Interview with Forsakken

Interview with Tina Gunnarsson from the band Hexed

BIO (Taken from Band's homepage):

"HEXED is a brand new metal band from Sweden, taking its place on the heavy metal scene.

HEXED is a genius blend of thick driving rhythms, melodic and sometimes progressively orientated, but always with catchy chorus lines and strong powerful female vocals.

HEXED was formed by vocalist Tina and lead-guitar/vocalist Stellan in Uppsala Sweden. They picked up their music after years away from the metal scene with intentions to record some kind of new Metal Project, but soon it all ended up as a whole new band. Bassplayer Daniel Håkansson were chosen to take Place and along with Teddy Möller on drums HEXED was formed and complete as a band. The first single and video release ”Dreams” was launched in the beginning of May. The first EP ”Exhaling Life” is scheduled to be released in the beginning of 2017, it will contain 3 tracks.

HEXED first full-length-album ”Netherworld” is going to be released during 2017. The album comes with the EP included, the album will also contain bonus tracks with some very well-known guest singers. In due time, metal fans around the globe will be split into two groups, those who already are HEXED and those who are about to be!……Are you HEXED yet?!!"

Band Members:

Tina Gunnarsson Vocals.
Daniel Håkansson Bass.
Stellan Gunnarsson Lead Guitars, Keys and vocals.
Teddy Möller Drums.

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N. A. Foy:  How old were you when you decided to pursue a career in music and were there any particular musicians or singers that inspired you?   

Tina: I was just a little girl when I started to sing. I began to sing my fathers own songs and grew up singing in different bands with both country and rock'n'roll influences. I was influenced by ABBA, Queen, Sky High with Louise Hoffsten, then I discovered heavy metal and right away I knew this was my thing to do.

N. A. Foy:  Tell us a little about Hexed.  How did the band first get together?

Tina: Well me and Stellan (guitars) had been working on some new songs that we wanted to make something of. The material he wrote fit my vocal skills perfectly, so we thought it would be fun to start up this band with our friends and musicians who also really loved this sound.

N. A. Foy:  Do you have any plans to work on new material in the near future?

Tina: Yes of course, we always have something new that we are working on.

N. A. Foy:  How would you describe the sound on your EP?

Tina: The sound of the EP containing these 3 tracks are a presentation of what you can expect from the forthcoming Album” Netherworld”. Hexed sound contains melodic guitars, driven beats with powerful and strong female vocals.

N. A. Foy:  If you had only a few minutes in an elevator to describe your band, what would you say?

Tina: I would cast a spell for everyone in the elevator to be Hexed! Play Hexed loud for a few minutes.

N. A. Foy:  What are some things you like to do for enjoyment when you are not doing music?

Tina: I am in the nature, in the forest or by a lake or a river. Maybe Fishing or Cooking and gardening. Just loving the outdoor life!

N. A. Foy:  If you were stuck on an island and somehow were able to listen to music, what 3 CDs would you want with you?

Tina: Queensryche-“Operation Mindcrime,” Dream Theater-“Images and Words,” and “Best of Kate Bush.”

N. A. Foy:  Out of the lyrics you perform so far, is there a particular one that you like best? Is there a story behind it?

Tina: Oh yes there sure is, the favourite on the EP are “Exhaling Life” which has a story about a life containing to much suffering and burdens. She is tired and just want a new beginning.

N. A. Foy:  Us fans always like to know things about the band members. How about some favorites. What is your favorite color?

Tina: My colour is green.

N. A. Foy:  Number?

Tina: My Number is 070555…haha. 

N. A. Foy:  Foods?

Tina: I Love seafood and my own grown vegetables.

N. A. Foy:  Movies?

Tina: “The theory of everything” about Stephen Hawkins and the movie “Bury My heart at Wounded Knee.”

N. A. Foy:  Books?

Tina: I like to read about paranormal things, astral travels, the human mind etc.

N. A. Foy:  Or any other favorites you want to mention?

Tina:  I am dedicated to kindness and believe in the good of humans. As the band Ratt one time wrote a song about-“its so easy to forget, what you give is what you get!” Thanks a lot for this interview Nate and for letting other metalheads to get to know about Hexed.

N. A. Foy:  What is the message that you want to give your fans as an example as a band? Is there anything else you’d like to add before we finish?

Tina: If you really like good music with powerful vocals you should definitely give Hexed a chance. Check us out on social media as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for news and stuff! We want to be there performing our songs in front of you.