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Interview With Eleonora Petti of Misthaven

By N. A. Foy
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Misthaven is an Alternative Metal band from Italy

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N. A. Foy: Tell us a little about Misthaven. When did the band get started?

Eleonora: The band got started early in 2014, by chance, as a result of a deep conversation about music preferences between me and ex-guitarist Tito.

N. A. Foy: What is the band currently working on? A new album? Playing shows?

Eleonora: Actually both. We have so many new tracks to work on and we're looking forward to give our fans new music really soon!

N. A. Foy: If you were on the elevator with someone and you had to describe the band's style of music within that time, what would you tell them?

Eleonora: Well, I use to call it Alternative even though it's hard to label. It's a mixture of rock and metal riffs, catchy vocals and classical atmospheres. You know, I've always been a big Evanescence fan. Our music is so inspired.

N. A. Foy: How old were you when you decided to pursue a career in music and were there any particular musicians or singers that inspired you?

Eleonora: I've been playing classical since I was 10 years old, and I think I realized I wanted to be a musician starting from the beginning. Of course, there are lots of musicians that inspired me. Amy Lee of Evanescence in the first place, but yeah, I do listen a lot, so…

N. A. Foy: Do you partake in any song writing when it comes to lyrics and/or music?

Eleonora: Yes, sure. I used to write the music along with the guitarist. Now it's all up to me.

N. A. Foy: Which of the lyrics you have written is your favorite and why is it your favorite?

Eleonora: Well, I just wrote “A Plea For Forgiveness” all alone. Francesca usually writes the lyrics. You know, she has to sing what she can really feel inside, so it's better she writes herself. It's hard to pick just one favorite, as songs are like children, you can't just pick one. I'd say “Vampire Knight” It really tells you a story.

N. A. Foy: So what are some of the things you like to do for enjoyment when you are not doing music?

Eleonora: I love reading, writing, drawing and cooking! Everything that creates something!

N. A. Foy: I'm curious, do you write stories at all? What type of things do you like to draw? What is your favorite dish to cook?

Eleonora: I usually don't write stories, it's pretty much articles. I love to draw black and white faces and there's no favorite dish, I'd say cakes. Every kind.

N. A. Foy: Us fans always like to know things about the band members. How about some favorites. What is your favorite color? Number? Foods? Movie(s)? Book(s)? Or any other favorites you want to mention?

Eleonora: My favorite color is definitely black. Number 17. Hard to choose a food, I'd rather say pizza, or pasta, or both. I'd say meat too. I love to cook…so… I have no favorite movie, I use to watch American comedies, and I am a Grey's Anatomy big fan. I use to read a lot, I love classics. Oscar Wilde and Italian Gabriele D'Annunzio first of all and whatever they've written. I would mention favorite Italian football club...I love football. Inter.

N. A. Foy: If you were stuck on an island, but were somehow able to listen to music, what three albums would you want with you?

Eleonora: Hard to pick just three. I would pick Evanescence. All three.

N. A. Foy: Good choices 🙂 What is the main message you want to give to your fans through your music and example as a person? Is there anything else you would like to tell everyone before we finish?

Eleonora: Keep listening and supporting music, it's the only thing that won't abandon you. And don't forget to support local bands. They might be the big of tomorrow!!!!