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Interview With Gaby Koss - Lead Vocalist for Cantus Lunaris and Diskelion (Has also done vocals with Haggard, Equilibrium, among other bands). 

By N.A. Foy

Gaby Koss has done vocals for various bands including Haggard, Nota Profana, Equilibrium, Theatre of the Night, Diskelion, and Cantus Lunaris.  Read more about her at Wikipedia .

N. A. Foy:  How old were you when you decided to pursue a career in music, and were there any particular musicians or singers that inspired you?

Gaby:  I actually have been singing from the first grade on, and later I was in the church choir and when to piano lessons. My father always was in Jazz bands, but he wanted me to pursue a regular career. So, later on, I decided to study music and pedagogics and took classical singing lessons on my own. I sang along with a lot of Kate Bush, as my voice and high tones fitted my voice a lot.  And I love the singer Sumi Jo and her Der Hölle Rache.🙂

N. A. Foy:  I was looking on Metal Archives and see you have more than one project going right now music wise. Which band are you currently working with the most, and are you recording any material with them?

Gaby: I have my ensemble for old music, Cantus Lunaris, with which I do most - the last year and now.  Mostly recordings for CDs and they are almost ready, and two of them actually are now. Diskelion was a project, but now is on ice, and maybe I will do more in the metal direction. However, recently I have been asked by two well known bands to participate. One band is doing a big project and asked me to record a small roll. However, I am sick right now, so I am not sure I will recover by the time they need my recordings. Another great female metal band asked me to be the lead singer, and they will start recording in April.  Also, I was asked to do some little collaborations with other metal bands.. 😉

N. A. Foy: What are three songs that have had the most personal meaning to you that you have written and/or performed?

Gaby: Actually, one has a very special meaning for me and that was when I performed with Haggard and sang Eppur si muove. The love and warmth I felt from the audience when I sang that song always was wonderful, and the most impressing experience I made was in Mexico City in front of 8000 people when they all cried my name. That compliment - everyone knowing my name - I will never forget. It was destiny that a fan put the video on youtube and sent it to me too; so that memory is complete.

N. A. Foy: That sounds like an amazing experience. Is 8,000 the most people you have ever performed for?

Gaby:  No, for example, I have been at big festivals like at Wacken with Haggard 2 Times and with Equilibrium. 🙂 With Haggard and Equilibrium, I had loads of big festivals and big organized concerts I had the chance to perform at. 🙂

N. A. Foy:  Sounds like you really enjoy having a musical career. What do you like doing on your free time when you are not doing music?

Gaby:  I like reading a lot, and I love looking at castles. I want to start ballet and Yoga again, but right now there are so many other things. I am
a bit lazy 😉.

N. A. Foy:  Just so people can get to know you: What are some favorites? What is your favorite color? Number? Foods? Movie(s)? Book(s)? Or any other favorites you want to mention?

Gaby:  Maybe you can say my favorite color is black. I wear black every day, usually with a bit of color either with a shirt, skirt or boots lol. However, when I look at nature and see the great blue sky, or the wonderful snow white world just right now in Germany; or the colorful autumn of red, yellow, orange, and green, I actually can say I love so so many colors 😉.

I love old classic literature like Shakespeare, Jane Austen, etc. I like new bbc movies with old castles and costumes. I also like newer actors lol:- D and Lord of the rings/Hobbit ( I also read books of Tolkien). I like Star Wars (both old and new).  I also love a lot of new movies about conspiracy, as it lets me think how close or far we actually are in reality, and sometimes that gives me shivers when I have to admit they are right and close. These days I am really into watching videos about hidden truths or mysteries, closed away physic advantages and science, politics and pharma, and food affairs what are really scary to learn what we are not taught or allowed to see or know.

I am into reading and learning about Islam, as a very close family member turned into a fanatic Islamist. So, it is a constant accompaniment. It is very hard for our family, as it divides us. It is hard to learn with experience, and reading about this more negatively based (compared to Jesus rules and life for sure) society leading indoctrinating ideology.… So much action but Music gives me hope and spirit 🙂

N. A. Foy: Music does give us hope and spirit in a time when people seem to be divided on every issue religious and political. Music reaches beyond borders and into the hearts of people. It is an amazing thing to be part of the music scene. This brings me to my next question, what is the main message you want to give to you fans through your music and example as a person?

Gaby:  I actually am happy when people like and enjoy my music. Without people listening to our music, we would be nothing and only bring pleasure to ourselves. Of course, what can make us even more happy for all our work, time, and spending money than to know that other people enjoy and value our work; wanting to listen to it and buy it? 🙂 Depending on the music and lyrics, of course, I want to transport feelings so, if people feel touched by my work, I know I have done something right.

N.A. Foy: So where do you do yourself in 5 years? 10 Years?

Gaby:  I hope to have some more CDs done, and to be playing with the band that asked me to travel for concerts. Also, I hope to record a metal CD with Cantus Lunaris this year. We already have some metal Celtic songs composed, so in a couple month, we can enter the studio for recordings. 🙂 So, we hope also to get some concerts and festivals with my ensemble Cantus Lunaris within the next years, and for this year I want to release another Christmas Cd, as also a Renaissance CD, plus who knows about the metal CD. 😉 Also, with the band I mentioned early in the interview, I hope to be an official member soon, and they start recordings in April/May. If not with this band, then it just will be Cantus Lunaris - no prob. I have a lot of other things on my mind that are in the parking lot... 😉

N. A. Foy:  I see that Cantus Lunaris blends various styles of music such as Folk, Celtic, and Renaissance. You also want to release a metal CD with them. Do you have any plans to release a video with the band in the next couple of years?

Gaby: Yes but as I never have organized a video recording, and do not know a professional team close to here, so I did not do one yet. We only have live videos from concerts…but maybe this year as I found some great locations, and maybe we’ll be moving there and it really would fit. Maybe even with a metal song…but a very romantic Celtic song would also be a great option.

N.A. Foy: I will plan on posting it if you come out with one, whether it is metal or romantic Celtic. I think I am going to wrap up the interview, any last words you want to share?

Gaby:  Thank you for your time and questions. I am always happy to answer and to create music in different styles. I love hoping there are people who enjoy my music. Thank you if you do. And I hope you will like my new projects as well 🙂
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