Interview with Forsakken

Interview with Hellcats

By N. A. Foy
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Interviewees:  Sasha Zagorc and Sonja Zagorc.

N. A. Foy: How old were you when you decided to pursue a career in music and were there any particular musicians or singers that inspired you?

Hellcats:  We started to perform together early in childhood when we were still in music school. Sasha played classical guitar and Sonja flute. Later on, Sonja switched to drums and Sasha to bass guitar. We started searching for the other band members in 2003, but we needed some time to realize it. We had a lot of rehearsals and at that time. Also Sonja and I started writing our songs. In 2006, we had our first gig, and that was the real start for us. Due to the small size of Slovenian music space it wasn't easy to find many female musicians. There were of course, many musicians whose music we listened to from early teenage years, but the thing that motivated us and still does is love and dedication to the music in general. The main thing besides that is we are sisters; we are also the best friends. We are motivated by each other and always listen to each other and talk about everything we do. The biggest inspiration to write the songs is life itself. We have a lot to tell and want that people feel good when they listen to our music. Being in Hellcats is food for our soul. We are happy to have an opportunity to express ourselves this way. We’re happy if people appreciate what we do. We’re proud if they are inspired by us.

N. A. Foy: Out of the lyrics on the first album, is there a particular one that you like the best? Is there a story behind it?

Hellcats:  For us, it is impossible to decide which song / lyrics is the best. Each song has a story behind it, and we put a lot of energy in each one of them. We love them all. We don't write music just to fill up the album. We prefer quality over the quantity. We continue to improve upon how a song sounds until we are positive that it sounds perfect to us. Even our fans are telling us that they cannot choose just one favorite song from our album.

N. A. Foy: If you were stranded on an island and only had three CDs and a CD player that magically worked, what three CDs would you want with you.

Hellcats:  That is a hard one. We like to listen to different genres of the music, so it would be impossible to take only three CDs. Maybe a kind of music that would give us a feeling that we are not alone. :))

N. A. Foy: If free time actually existed, what would you like to be doing when you are not doing music?

Hellcats:  Free time is important, so we take it whenever we can. We like to dance, ski, swim, travel, paint, shop...

N. A. Foy: If you could tour anywhere in the world, where would you want to go?

Hellcats:  There are many places we would love to go to have concerts/tours. Norway, Sweden, UK, Japan, USA, Australia, South America...Actually, everywhere where we have a lot of fans. We would love to return to Russia and Germany as soon as possible.

N. A. Foy: How about some favorites. What is your favorite color? Number? Foods? Movie(s)? Book(s)? Candy? Or any other favorites you want to mention?

Hellcats:  Favorite colors - black and red. Number - 666 😀 Movie – Hm. Book – Louise Hay – “The Power is Within You,” Italian food, Candy – chocolate...

N. A. Foy – What has been your most embarrassing moment in your musical career?

Hellcats:  That would be when we toured Russia in 2012, and on the road we stopped on the highway to go to the toilet and it was winter and the toilet was just a frozen hole in the ground. What would you do when it's urgent? 😀

N. A. Foy: Are there any plans for an upcoming album?

Hellcats:  We are preparing new songs for studio session at the moment. The first single “I am” for which we recorded a video will also appear on this album.

As before we are putting a lot of effort in it, so be prepared to hear some really good songs. Hope to finish it as soon as possible.

N. A. Foy: What is the main message you want to give to your fans through your music and example as a band? Is there anything else you would like to tell everyone before we finish?

Hellcats:  Our songs are about love, desires, passion and strength. They are filled with optimism and energy.
For the fans – believe in what you do, don’t listen to people who want to change you too much, think happy thoughts and enjoy every minute of it!