Interview with Forsakken

Interview with Marco from the Band, The Fallacy

By N. A. Foy
The Fallacy are a gothic metal band from Chile.

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N. A. Foy: How old were you when you decided to pursue a career in music and were there any particular musicians or singers that inspired you?

Marco: I started in music when I was 7 years old. I found a guitar at home and I was attracted by that 'magical' instrument - then I studied music and sound engineering. Many musicians have inspired me, but to mention some: The Mission UK, The Sisters of Mercy, Depeche Mode, Van Halen, Dreadful Shadows...

N. A. Foy: If you were on an elevator and had to describe The Fallacy in 30 seconds, what would you say?

Marco: Dark, gothic, mysterious, melancholic, with the spirit of gothic rock!!

N. A. Foy: What is the band currently working on music wise?

Marco: We're just finishing the audio mixing for the upcoming Ep; ready to go by June. Also, we're shooting the v clips and preparing European and American touring for 2018-2019.

N. A. Foy: Do you plan on coming up to North America too, or are you mainly going to be in South America?

Marco: North America, meaning USA? We toured 5 states in the year 2013.

N. A. Foy: What do you like to do when you are not doing music?

Marco: Angie likes the beach, and she really loves animals, Niko plays basketball and tennis, I read and enjoy swimming and sailing - but for fun, not competition.

N. A. Foy: Do you all know each other because of the band or did you know each other prior to the band?

Marco: No, we met after the band was founded, I made a Demo, then I recruited the members. The 1st demo I made for the Fallacy was in 2008.

N. A. Foy: How of the lyrics the band does so far, is there a particular few songs you like the best. If so, which ones?

Marco: Lyrics are mostly from the soul, feelings, and melancholic. We try to use poetry. Also, we have social themes, but under " dark " words. We have fav songs of course; to mention “Love Division” – “Drops of Fire” – “Lost in Disguise” – “Otherside” – “Black Magic.” Mainly they are songs that changed the way we used to create our music.

N. A. Foy: How about some favorites. What is your favorite color? Number? Foods? Movie(s)? Book(s)? Or any other favorites you want to mention?

Marco - Black- purple- shades of green, I think are my fav colors! The number ??, well the first number I think is 7. Books are too many; maybe books by Albert Camus. Movies, I like movies, don't have any predilection, but some old movies changed me, “The Deer hunter” (Robert De Niro - Christopher Walken - Maryl Streep), and some new ones, An unknown writer too: Ray Loriga.

N. A. Foy: What is the main message you want to give to you fans through your music and example as a band? Is there anything else you would like to tell everyone before we finish?

Marco - Do what you want to do, but be serious, if you want others to believe in you. Do your work with respect! Thanks Minerva's portal for your time! And keep the faith!