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Interview With Marketa Moravkova: Vocalist for Alia Tempora


Marketa Moravkova is the lead vocalist for the Modern Rock/Metal band Alia Tempora from the Czech Republic.  At time of this interview, they have released one album named "Digital Cube." Here are some social media links for the band.  

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Interview by N.A. Foy

N.A. Foy:  How old were you when you decided to pursue a career in music and was there any particular musicians or singers that inspired you?

Marketa - Hi there, thank you very much for your kindness, you are very supportive!  Well, I started with singing as a child, but it was never any solo project, but always some children choirs and so - just for fun. I started with solo singing when I started the band itself, also for fun, so I needed to learn everything "in the train" ... At first I was inspired by Sharon den Adel a lot, or Tarja etc., but later it was Charlotte Wessels, Elize Ryd; and also pop singers like Katy Perry, Avril Lavigne, Lea Michelle and many many more.

N.A. Foy:  Out of the lyrics on the debut album, is there a particular one that you like the best? Is there a story behind it?

Marketa: The main story of the album is mainly described in the first and last songs - Digital Cube and Disconnected. Digital Cube opens the whole topic of the album - being trapped in the digital cube; imaginary "glass" cube which is intended to represent the state of mind when someone is trapped in the current virtual reality and endless medial massage... The song Disconnected is describing the "happy end" of the story, where some "space girl" finally breaks her cube, get out from it to the real world, see all the possible beauty and encourages other "cubers" to follow her.

N.A. Foy:  That is a pretty awesome message. Are there any plans to release a second album in the near future?

Marketa:  We are already working on new material, and a few songs can be also heard on our concerts live, but album release is planned on Autumn 2017 – hopefully.

N.A. Foy:  I look forward to hearing it when you release it. If you had the choice to tour with any band in the world. Who would you want to tour with?

Marketa:  For 100% it would be Delain. they are absolutely amazing people; I'm in love with them.

N.A Foy:  I would definitely want to see you and Delain play together. What is the story behind the band name, Alia Tempora?

Marketa:  The name is from latin and in translation it means "another times". The meaning of the name for us changed a bit during the time, the same as band itself was changing, but in general I can say that we see us as time travellers floating through the universe, taking what we like in every period or style - that's related to our music and image as well - we like to combine everything we like, no matter the genre, and we don't like to be limited by the "boxes".

N.A. Foy:  How about a few things about yourself. What do you like to do on your free time when you are not doing music?

Marketa:  I love traveling, exploring new things, but that is also related to the band a bit. I like playing board games, horse (unicorns) riding, but I also like to relax with movies in cinema, home etc.

N.A. Foy:  Us fans always like to know things about the band members. How about some favorites. What is your favorite color? Number? Foods? Movie(s)? Book(s)? Or any other favorites you want to mention?

Marketa: Hh, I like those questions! No one ever asked me before, and I think they should be part of EVERY interview honestly!

Color: I love pink, white, purple, black and blue and rainbow.  But ok, #1 is fuchsia pink.

Number: 7!

Foods: I love GOOD burgers, gnocchi with spinach, pasta in general, and many more.

Movies: Oh my gosh; millions of them! I am afraid to answer because, for sure, I will forget some very important ones and it will drive me crazy. So in general, I love anti-utopistic, postapo, futuristic, sci-fi, fantasy, historical, comedy ... I don't like horrors much, not my interest to go to the cinema to mess my pants voluntarily.

Books: Same problem as with movies, but honestly, always and forever my #1 was and will be Harry Potter.

And obviously, I love unicorns, glitter and my ultimate mic stand - check it out!

N.A. Foy:  Prior to the band, how long have you known the other band members?

Marketa: At first I knew Štěpán, the guitarist and growler. We have known each other for about 5 years. He is the only one I knew before the band started. Then Radek (lead guitar) and (Pavel), they were in the band almost from the beginning, and Patrik is our new drummer, so I know him for about half of year.

N.A. Foy: If you could give a message to your fans around the world, what would that message be?

Marketa: I would say thank you to all of them for their support, they already know they are part of our family and we are happy to see it grow!