Interview with Forsakken

My Novels and other Writings

Not only am I a huge metal fan but I like to write.  This portion of my page is going to be dedicated to my novels and writings I am working on.  Enjoy.


" Conspiracy of Deception " A Mystery Suspense Novel (Released May 2012) - Read Chapter 1


" Joyous Melancholy " A book of my best poems from 1997-2012.


" What is Wicca

" Lucid Dreaming " - A College Paper that I wrote on Lucid Dream, briefly discusses the history, some studies, how to lucid dream, and possible benefits of lucid dreaming

" Religion - Eastern vs. Western thought " - An article that I wrote that takes a look at the differences between Eastern and Western thought from ancient time and why it is important to apply this to religious thinking today.  


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