Interview with Forsakken
Interview done by Nate Foy


Daniele Pelliccioni - Drums/Keyboards
Andrea Pelliccioni - Guitars
Luca Liuk Abate - Bass
Mara Cek Cecconato - Vocals

NF:  How old were you when you decided to pursue a career in music and was there any particular musicians or singers that inspired you?

Daniele: I started to play the drums when I was sixteen years old, listening to Iron Maiden (they are great and they are the ABC's of Metal). During the years I discovered different music genres and I started to play the guitar and the piano. My favorite bands and artists are: Nightwish, After Forever, the great composer Hans Zimmer and video-game's soundtracks (Nobuo Uematsu, Akira Yamaoka).

Andrea: I was seventeen years old when I decided to play guitar, but I did not have it! I received my first guitar as a gift when I was eighteen years old. My influences are the amazing styles of Dave Murray, David Gilmour, Eric Clapton, B.B. King, Joe Satriani, Paul Gilbert and more. I love blues so much.

Luca: I started to play when I was fifteen years old and my first inspiration was Steve Harris of Iron Maiden. Then I discovered and followed the styles of  Geezer Butler, Steve Di Giorgio and Jaco Pastorius. They have contributed to create my own sound.

Mara:  I’ve been singing since I was four years old but for many reasons I stayed away from music for a long time. My first inspiration was not metal... it was Celine Dion (great woman and great voice) then I discovered Etta James, Ella Fitzgerald, Doro... but my favorite singer is Bruce Dickinson, I think he is the best front-man ever.

NF: You are all obviously talented musicians. What background do you have in music? Did you go to music school or play in bands before Oniricide?

Andrea: I studied with a private teachers for many years. My first band was called Urban Banshee, and we played covers of Metallica and Iron Maiden.

Daniele: I studied drums for a long time, then I attended the music school in my city/town and I studied piano (I love it so much) and I had the possibility to became more familiar with Music Theory, Solfeggio, Sightsinging and Classical Harmony. My first band was Urban Banshee too, and I played with my brother... well actually I still play with him! I also played in a band which played more songs of the most famous symphonic metal bands like Nightwish, After Forever, and Epica. With this band I started to write new songs.

Luca: Yeah, I studied in two private schools and I’m still attending one of them, because a musician or an artist never stops to study; he/she is never the best one. I played with some different bands during these years; playing songs of Mr. Big, Extreme, Van Halen and songs of Slayer, Venom and Anthrax. Then I joined Oniricide, and I started to work on new songs. Now I like to play old jazz or blues standards as covers.

Mara: I studied modern singing for over 10 years and I still study vocal distortion. I attended a special course in Rock English with Douglas R. Docker at Black Swan School to improve my skills and to write lyrics in the correct way. I had a lot of bands in my past, I played 80s hard rock songs (Scorpions, Europe... and more). I usually played hard rock and heavy metal, but I've been also playing in a big Blues Band. It is really funny! :)

NF: Out of the lyrics on the first album, is there a particular one that you like the best? Is there a story behind it?

Andrea: Oh wow, we don’t agree on this issue as everyone has their favorite, but on the top of a possible chart we could have “Becoming a different man” and “Noxy”.

NF: What do you like to do with your free time when you are not doing music?

Andrea: I love to go fishing in my free time!

Daniele: I usually play fantasy and horror video-games!

Luca: I repair other people’s guitars and basses. :D But I like to walk on mountains and I usually study History.

Mara: Oh well! I paint! It's the most relaxing hobby.

NF: Do you plan on doing any official videos from your debut album “Revenge of Souls?” If not do you hope to do official videos in the future?

Mara: Yes, we plan  to make the official video of “Gipsy and the Cards”. We are choosing the troupe to work with, and we will make the video very soon.

NF: What are your top 3 favorite CDs of all time?

Andrea: 1. Metropolis PT2 (Dream Theater), 2. A momentary lapse of reason (Pink Floyd), 3. Blizzard of Oz (Ozzy Osbourne)

Daniele: 1. Nightwish: Dark Passion Play  2. After Forever: Dechiper 3. Final Fantasy X Soundtrack
Yes I know that the last one is a strange choice and a completely different genre, but as I told you before I really love video-games and soundtracks! :)

Luca: 1. Queen: a night at the opera              2. Led Zeppelin: IV                 3. Deep Purple: In rock
This is my list about rock … may I do another list for jazz and blues? :)

Mara: 1. Iron Maiden – Live after death (I know every words of it) :) 2.  Evanescence – Fallen and 3. all the others … I can't do a list, sorry :D

NF: What is the story behind the band name Oniricide? From what I understand on your webpage, you were originally called Agony Oniricide. You dropped “Agony” because it is an unlucky word. Is there any particular reason you consider it an unlucky word?

Hahahaha :) Thank you for this question! Let's say that there were not many funny facts when we had the previous name. Actually, things are getting better but sometimes some twists happen before or after the shows (lost keys of the car, the car doesn't work, satellite navigator doesn't cooperate..).  We have so much adventure stories to tell... and our lyrics tell stories...

NF: This question is for the band members individually.  How about some favorites. What is your favorite color? Number? Foods? Movie(s)? Book(s)? Aerobic Exercise? Or any other favorites you want to mention?

Color: red, green, blue
Number: 10
Food: Lasagna, artichokes, truffle and fish
Movie: “The thin red line”; “Letters from Iwo Jima”; “Forrest Gump”.
Books: “I tre inverni della paura” by Gianpaolo Pansa, a very interesting Italian book
Aerobic Exercises:Hahahhaahha! Is it considered “aerobic exercises” to use knife and fork at lunch time?

Color: Blue and Black.
Number: 1 (it is my favorite as when I was young I played as a goalkeeper and it was my number).
Food: Tagliatelle with mushrooms.
Movies: “Braveheart”, “Maleficent” and “Avatar”.              
Books: I usually read about Ancient and Medieval History and about Medieval music.
I played as goalkeeper for a long time and I've spent few years on martial arts. Now I prefer jogging and walking in mountain paths... or to lay down on the sofa and play video-games.

Colors: Blue and green.
Numbers: I love 7 and 12. I am not a mathematician and I am not an agnostic but I love these two numbers for their shapes.
Foods: I have not a favorite food, but I certainly prefer vegetables.
Movies: I love all movies with aliens (“Men in Black”, “Independence Day”), and all comedies and all movies about Marvel's superheroes.
Books: I love History and Classical books.
Sport: I've played for 10 years competitive levels of judo and ju-jitsu. Those years that made me grow up spiritually and humanly. I'm grateful to my Sensei for what they did for me. I love long walks in the mountains especially early in the morning. I love to stay away from everything and everyone. Yes, you could say I’m a wild bear :)

Colors: Purple and Black
Numbers: 11 (it's my favorite...but I also love double numbers)
Movies: My favorite movie is “Matrix”. Sometimes it seems real! I love Marvel's superheroes too. :)
Books: All Ken Follet's books! My favorite one is “The Third Twin”.
I don’t play any sports. Even though I tried with volleyball and dancing, I was really bad. I prefer to study and to practice languages or to work on website and digital graphics.

NF: What is the main message you want to give to you fans through your music and example as a band? Is there anything else you would like to tell everyone before we finish?

Mara: The main message that we would like to give is: be always yourself and don't imitate, especially in this time, when modern world wants standardization in all (unfortunately also in music). Feel free to be yourself and don't ashamed of what you are. It's hard as you will find many closing doors in front of you, but with perseverance  all your dreams will come true.
About us, now there are so much opposing fan's opinions to associate Oniricide to a particular music genre, and all the opinions are very important for us. We are not tagged in a certain genre by the way this is a source of pride for us. Thank you to all that support Oniricide and thank you to you.