Interview with Forsakken

The Experiment: Prologue - God's Will


“Geoff, what has gotten into you?” Eliza yelled, terrified of what was once her best friend now was holding a knife and chasing after her. Her parents were out for the evening. Eliza thought it was strange since their marriage had been on the rocks for the last two years, and they did their best to avoid each other. Tonight, was different. They both dressed up as if they were going to a fancy restaurant. Eliza had no idea where, but she was glad for them. She had spent hours in prayer hoping for them to reunite. 

“I do what I must.” Geoff stated with a matter-of-fact tone. There were no hints of emotion in his voice. It was a dark starless night out. Eliza wanted to scream, but she knew no one would hear. Her neighbors were a quarter of a mile away, and even if they did hear her scream, they wouldn’t be able to make it in time to save her.

Eliza stood at one side of her parent’s glass table, while Geoff stood on the other side. She hoped the table would work as a barrier to protect her. Geoff had shut the doorway to the kitchen, so she wouldn’t be able to escape using that route. “This is insane, have you lost it?”

“I do the will of God. Ask no more questions.” His usual gentle blue eyes were empty, as if there was no soul living within. There was neither hatred nor anger visible on his face. It was almost as if he was a zombie. The emotionless glare ignited more fear within Eliza. Geoff usually kept himself neat, but now his dirty blonde hair had the appearance of just being removed from under a powerful fan. His red shirt and blue jeans looked as if he just grabbed them from the bottom of a hamper of dirty clothes. Eliza never knew Geoff as a religious man, so even his response seemed bizarre. In fact, it was Eliza who was the religious one. Many times, she had talked to Geoff about God, and that he needed to be saved. Geoff was an agnostic, as he wasn’t sure what to believe.  Even among her youth group, Eliza was considered a “straight-laced” person, as she did not date, kiss, or lie.   

“It’s not God’s will that you kill me! It’s one of the commandments that you don’t murder!” She said hoping this would place some common sense in him, or at least stall him giving her more time to think. 

Geoff did not flinch. “I met God face-to-face. Do not question me about God’s will.”

Eliza yelled back, “You are making no sense! Are you losing your mind? Tell me what the heck happened to you!” Eliza knew people didn’t meet God face-to-face, but obviously, something happened that deeply affected her friend. Yet it seemed impossible that a face-to-face encounter would change a person to this extent. Something evil was going on in this town. She had heard about the other two recent murders, and now she might be the third to die. 

Geoff gave no response. Panic was taking over Eliza’s mind so much so that she could no longer think of how to stall him.  

After avoiding him for a minute behind the table, Geoff grabbed the table’s end and flipped it over. The sound of glass smashing on the wall and floor was deafening. She loved living outside of the town and in the country, but now she would give anything to live in the village near neighbors. 

Quickly, Eliza scanned around the room for a weapon she could use to defend herself. She was disappointed when the only thing she could find was her parent’s antique vase sitting on the windowsill. Geoff stood between her and the silverware drawer; therefore, sharp knives were not an option.

The vase was worth thousands of dollars, but Eliza knew her parents would gladly see the vase destroyed if it meant saving her life. It was a silver vase standing a foot high. Anyone looking at it would see a grim out-of-shape reflection of herself due to its rustic appearance. Her parents had won it at an auction before Eliza was even born...back when they were young and not careful with their finances. 

She grabbed the vase and Geoff lunged at her with the knife. Hating the fact that she may severely injure her friend, she aimed it right for his head. He quickly brought his arm up for protection, and the vase cracked falling to the ground in a worthless heap.

He was thrown off balance giving Eliza a moment to dodge for the silverware drawer. Her parents would be home any minute now, and she hoped she could hold Geoff off long enough.

She opened the drawer and scrambled for a steak knife. In her haste, she was having trouble finding one. Normally she could open the drawer and find one when she wanted. With adrenaline pulsating through her body, she could not hold still like she needed. A hint of relief came over her as her hand grasped a hold of one, and she began to pull it out of the drawer. I hate having to do this, but I need to save myself, she told herself. However, it was too late, as cold steel pressed against her throat. She tried to stab Geoff, but the pain of her own throat being cut paralyzed her. Blackness took over.